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You took your time to put your motor back together and now lets keep it going by properly seating the rings and piston.

For starters do a couple heat cycles, warm the bike up for a couple minutes and let cool.

After a couple heat cycles while the motor is cold, recheck tourqe.

You should keep in mind when breaking in your new top-end that the rings are seating to the surface of the cylinder. When the piston is traveling up and the the cylinder the rings flutter a little and more so when first seatting, just be patient and dont run your bike wide open for the first half tank of fuel and vary the throttle position a bit. On two-strokes you could ask ten differant people on how to breakin and you will ten differant awnsers. I dont recomend adding addition oil to your premix and mix the premix as per manufacture. If you add oil you are running less fuel, We recomend Amsoil Dominator 50:1 and premium pump gas (stock compression) that doesn't contain ethonol. If your running over 150 PSI We would recomend 100-104 race fuel. Once you get some time on your bike (1/2 tank of fuel) start riding it like you normally do but keep in mind a two stroke will come apart if held wide open for a long distance.


  1. Whats Squish? The simple awnser, squish is the distance between the head and the piston
  2. How Do I Check It? Typical test involves placing a piece of solder through the plug hole over the wrist pin and kicking the bike over. Its more acurate to place a piece of solder over the pin on both sides to avoid piston to lean side to side while smashing the solder. Do not place solder at the front or back of the cylinder or you measurement  wont be close due to piston rocking in the bore! Measure the thinnest part at the end of the solder and that is you squish.
  3. How Do I Fix IT? Squish can be adjusted by replacing the base gasket or head gasket with a thicker or thinner one. If thicker or thinner gaskets are not available, the head can be recut ore the cylinder can be recut at the base or deck. Cometic Gaskets will custome make gaskets for most makes and models.
  4. What Should I Run For Squish? Typical squish is anywhere from .040"-.065" Motocross usally runs around .030"-.035" low end hit makes a less advance rider more confident apposed to a advanced rider that is always on the pipe WOT, a fast rider may run .035"-.038" and a intermediant rider may like to run near .028" Keep in mind when running less squish your increasing the compression and will need to bump the octane levels

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